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Example IBANs per country (dutch)


IBAN is the standard for bank account numbers in Europe and a few countries outside Europe. The IBAN API let you check if an IBAN is valid or invalid based on a few checks. The API also checks for publicly available information for German, Italian, UK and Netherlands IBANs. If the IBAN is mentioned somewhere on the internet, our crawler detects it and determines if the IBAN is suspicious. There is a more extensive check for Dutch IBANs. The last 10 digits of these are also checked on the basis of the 11-point test. This detects common typos.

Why use our API

  • 100% correct validation guarantee
  • Gives bank names
  • Up to 100,000 requests per month
  • Accepts numbers of 44 countries
  • Additional check for Dutch IBAN numbers; Also for banks like Bunq with a different IBAN structure
  • We are continuing to research in order to maintain quality

Although it is possible to set up your own IBAN validator, the maintenance for an extensive check is time-consuming over the years; You also need to create an alert system that detects changes in the official banking list. Approximately there are 6 changes per year in the Dutch bank list. Many companies choose a service like Tuxx API to check APIs.


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